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An Open Letter to the President

October 20, 2004

Dear President Bush:

The office of the President of the United States is the most important job in the world. Among its responsibilities, one takes precedence over all others — protecting the American people.

You have made the War on Terror a focal point of your campaign. Waging this war has two important fronts: 1) foreign, by dismantling terrorist organizations via military action, and 2) domestic, by disrupting terrorist plots against private citizens before they unfold. Both require a strong intelligence apparatus, one that is far superior to that which existed on September 11th.

Congress is on the verge of failing to reach consensus on legislation that would correct that deficiency, which the 9/11 Commission made as a cornerstone of their recommendations. You have acknowledged the urgency indirectly, by stating through intermediaries that you want something done “as soon as possible”.

As the leader of our country and the Commander-in-Chief in the War on Terrorism, we call upon you to do more. This nation’s faith in its leaders was shaken to the core on September 11th. Only you can restore it. You have a responsibility to the American people to see that this legislation is passed. If you speak, Congress will listen. If you say you want a bill on your desk before the election, you will have it. And Americans heading to the polls will then be able to judge whether you did everything you could to protect them.


The Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission and Supporters