Congress Questions


Oversight regarding the CIA, FBI, FAA, NORAD, INS

March 18, 2004

  1. From 1998 on, what steps did you take in light of the growing terrorist threat
    to ensure that our security agencies were functioning at their maximum and in tandem with
    each other for our utmost safety?
  2. What assessments did you undertake to ensure that their computers and other equipment were state of the art to ensure that the information system available to them met their requirements for the tasks involved? Has this assessment system been improved since September 11th?
  3. Please explain why any government authority is exempt from federal, state and local fire and building codes.

Comment: For the safety of all Americans, every building in the United States where people live, work or visit, should be required to meet all codes—no exceptions.

Oversight regarding Energy and Foreign Policy

  1. Since the 1973 oil embargo, it has been apparent that dependence on foreign fuel sources is a problem. Bin Laden resented American’s support for the House of Saud and abhorred American military and economic presence in Saudi Arabia. As a result, the symbol of global trade, the World Trade Center, and our military, the Pentagon, were targeted on September 11th. Why hasn’t Congress mandated fast track development of alternative fuels, so that America is no longer dependent on unstable/unfriendly nations for fuel?