Failure to Subpoena the White House – Archive

The Family Steering Committee Statement
Regarding the Failure of

the 9/11 Independent Commission
to Subpoena the White House

February 10, 2004

The Family Steering Committee (FSC) is outraged by the failure of the 9/11 Independent Commission to subpoena the White House for complete access to the Presidential Daily Briefings.

The public needs to be aware that the President’s statements on Meet the Press, on February 8, 2004, were misleading.

President Bush stated that he is “cooperating” with the 9/11 Independent Commission. Yet the Commission has been negotiating for access to these documents for over 10 months with no success. While the Commission negotiates with the Executive Branch, this nation remains at risk.

We therefore respectfully request that President Bush:

1. Release all relevant material needed by the Commission to complete their investigation into the attacks of 9/11. The release of such information must be made to all Commissioners so that such information can be made part of their Final Report;

2. Testify under oath before the Commission in a public hearing as to his Administration’s failures in preparation of and immediate response to the attacks on 9/11;

3. Support an extension of time for this Commission so it is able to:

a. Conduct the full schedule of public hearings, inclusive of high-ranking officials as witnesses (under oath);

b. Access (for all 10 Commissioners) to all relevant documents, including all PDBs (Presidential Daily Briefings), PDDs (Presidential Decision Directives), and NSPDs (National Security Presidential Directives), and the working notes behind those documents;

c. Thoroughly investigate all relevant facts with regard to this nation’s preparedness for, and immediate response to, the attacks on 9/11, including all available testimony from federal whistleblowers, former and present federal agents/officials, and certain members of foreign governments.

This Administration must legitimately cooperate. Professing cooperation while limiting the time and resources of the Commission, and restricting access to important documents and key witnesses, only serves to further erode the safety and trust of the American people.