Willie Brown, former Mayor of San Francisco

Brown received a warning about 10 PM on the evening of September 10 to be cautious about air travel. He was scheduled to fly to into New York City. Brown refuses to say exactly who gave him the prescient warning, citing only “my security people at the airport.”
San Francisco Chronicle, September 12, 2001

  1. Who passed along the warning?
  2. What exactly were you told?
  3. Who alerted your security people?
  4. Where did their information come from?
  5. How often did you receive such cautionary warnings?

Salman Rushdie, author

The FAA refused to let author Salman Rushdie fly in North America starting the week before 9/11. From the Times of London:

“On September 3 the Federal Aviation Authority made an emergency ruling to prevent Mr Rushdie from flying unless airlines complied with strict and costly security measures. Mr Rushdie told The Times that the airlines would not upgrade their security.

The FAA confirmed that it had banned Rushdie from flying in the US and Canada but refused to say why. The author himself–who is famously hated by Muslims for his novel The Satanic Verses–says he believes the authorities knew the attack was coming.” _method=full_siteid=50142_headline=-Rushdie%2D%2Dgiven%2DUS%2Dair%2Dban%2Dweek% 2Dbefore%2Dterrorist%2Dattacks%2D%2D-name_page.html


Delmart “Mike” Vreeland, who claims to be a Navy Lieutenant assigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)

Vreeland was largely discredited by mainstream press. However, his case may warrant a closer look in light of the fact that even though he has an extensive arrest record, the FBI apparently has no fingerprints on him.

Vreeland claims that while he was in Russia, he obtained information about the September 11 attack in advance. In August, 2001, when he was arrested in Canada, he allegedly gave a sealed note to his jailers containing information about the attack, but it was not opened until after September 11th. This is confirmed in court documents. Interestingly, Russia is also where convicted traitor and former FBI agent Robert Hanssen sold Promis software. Somehow, Promis software ended up in bin Laden’s hands.

  1. Please explain how you came to have information about the planned terrorist attack.
  2. Whom did you tell?


High-ranking Pentagon officials who cancelled travel plans for the morning of September 11 “…apparently because of security concerns.”
Newsweek, September 24, 2001 issue

  1. Specifically, what were those concerns and from whom did they originate?
  2. Was this information shared with any other government officials?


Odigo employees who received IM warning two hours before attack\

  1. Did the message specify the kind of attack?
  2. Did you alert the police, FBI or anyone at the World Trade Center?


Kenneth Katzman, specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade Division and author of the Congressional Research Service ( CSR) Report, “Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, 2001”, dated September 10, 2001 In it, you wrote, “Signs continue to point to a decline in state sponsorship of terrorism, as well as a rise in the scope of threat posed by the independent network of the followers of exiled Saudi dissident Usama bin Ladin… Based on U.S. allegations of past plotting by the bin Ladin network, suggest that the network wants to strike within the United States itself.”

You also indicated that Al Qaida cells were “allegedly inside the United States itself.”

  1. Specifically, what information or research led to your conclusions about bin Laden’s network?
  2. Who in Congress requested this report on Terrorism?
    3.Are CRS reports ever shared with the National Security Council or individual members on it?
  3. Have the cells within the U.S. been dismantled and conspirators brought to justice? Why or why not? If not, what percent have been dismantled and how many people are involved that have yet to be brought to justice?

James Woods, actor

In an interview, Woods said he was alarmed by the behavior of four Arab men in first class on an August 1, 2001, flight from Boston to Los Angeles and he spoke to the crew about the possibility that they planned to hijack the planes. Those four men were later identified as four of the hijackers. Woods indicated that a compliant was filed with the FAA.

  1. What were the behaviors which alarmed you?
  2. Did you ever receive an official response to your complaint from either the airline or the FAA?