Questions for the FBI and US Customs

March 22, 2004

Regarding Operation Greenquest:

  1. What were the findings and conclusions of the FBI/U.S. Customs investigation code- named Operation Greenquest.?

The company’s Web site reveals a list of customers that is a who’s-who of sensitive government agencies, including the Naval Air Systems Command, NATO, the House of Representatives and the Department of Energy, which handles security for nuclear weapons and material. Experts said Ptech had easy access to the computer systems of those agencies and that a link to terror groups could signal a breakdown in national security.

They [Ptech officials] know what kind of information is stored. They know what kind of equipment that information is stored on at a given branch,” said Robert Richardson, a security analyst with the Computer Security Institute.

“They may even know something about the vulnerability of those systems.”

  1. Was Ptech secretly owned by Qassin al-Kadi, a Saudi businessman suspected of funneling millions of dollars to al Qaeda? If so, how long has he owned the company?
  2. Was there any evidence that al Qaeda had gained access to secrets about government agency computer systems via software provided by Ptech? If so which agencies were vulnerable?
  3. The FBI field office in Boston was alerted by employees that Ptech was owned by al-Kadi, a Saudi multimillionaire with suspected links to terrorist financing. The employees feel that their concerns were downplayed by the Boston office. They then took their concerns to U.S.Customs which initiated an investigation. Did the FBI investigate the connection between P-Tech, al-Kadi and terrorist money trails? If not, why not. At what point did the FBI join the U.S. Customs investigation?
  4. Did the investigation turn up any malicious code or “backdoors” in Ptech software used by so many sensitive government agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Energy?

“One of the most sensitive contracts in Ptech’s portfolio includes support work for the DOE’s plutonium cleanup effort at the Rocky Flats facility, which was once used to develop nuclear weapons.”,4814,76491,00.html

  1. Who is responsible for vetting companies (owners and employees) whose products or technology are involved in sensitive security projects? What safeguards do we have in place to protect against businesses owned by those with possible terrorist ties?


Military Purchase Order

Please investigate this Dec. 15, 2000 purchase order:


The 11th Contracting Squadron intends to issue, on a sole source basis, a Firm-Fixed Price Modification to existing Purchase Order F49642-01-P0011. Worldwide News Inc (doing business as UPI) will provide News Wire Services to the National Military Command Center from 1 Jan 01 _ 30 Sep 01. This synopsis is a notice of contract action and shall not be considered a request for offers. See Numbered Note 22”

According to news reports, Worldwide News Inc, owned by a Saudi corporation, sold UPI in May, 2000, to News World Communications, associated with the Moon sect.

1) How then could Worldwide News, doing business as UPI, be named in a purchase order in Dec., 2000?

2) This order is for news wire services at our National Military Command Center. Why is any foreign owned news service permitted on the presumably secure premises?

3) Is it possible that the hijackers somehow found out about the planned drill from reporters at the National Military Command Center?