Questions – Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Aviation Administration

Jane Garvey, Former Director of the FAA (Follow-up)

  1. Please provide a specific timeline for each of the four aircraft which includes all FAA notifications and responses on the morning of September 11th, and the exact times at which air traffic controllers notified the FAA of a possible hijacking of each aircraft.
  2. Please explain the discrepancy between FAA and NORAD account of the Sept. 11 timeline, specifically including the time that NORAD was notified?
  3. Why did FAA rescind the rule allowing guns in cockpits two months before terror attacks?
  4. What was the protocol of when and who would be notified in the event of a hijacking? • Please indicate where in the sequence the FAA would contact NORAD,
    the Secret Service, the President, FBI, DOT, DOD, etc.
    • Did the FAA follow protocol? Specifically, when did the FAA contact each?
  5. Are “Red Teams” still permitted to check the airlines/airports for security lapses?
  6. Leading up to 9/11 were all Red Team recommendations incorporated into the airlines/airports security measures? If not, why?
  7. What is the procedure/protocol for getting State Department “Watch List” passengers on the airlines’ “No Fly” list?