Questions For F.B.I. Director Mueller Regarding the Hijackers

March 18, 2004

  1. Please explain how the passports of Mohammed Atta and Satam al-Sugam, both on Flight 11, survived the inferno to be found on the street near the World Trade Center.

• Who found the passports and what time where they found?
• Please describe the condition of each passport.
• Please explain how the passports of two hijackers survived the explosion and inferno.

  1. How many other passports belonging to passengers on any of the four hijacked flights have been found?

• Which flights were they on, to whom did they belong?
• When and where were they found?
• Please describe their condition.

  1. Did Mohammed Atta have a passport from the “Conch Republic,” a Key West, Florida group which has issued about 10,000 passports since 1993? If so, did Atta use it at any time to enter the United States? If so, when?
  2. Did the records from the Conch Republic indicate that any other hijackers purchased passports from there?
  3. Why wasn’t Atta’s luggage put on Flight 11? Two bags were found at Login Airport.

Comment: Atta’s will, which was found in the luggage, includes detailed directions for handling and burial of his body. It seems odd that Atta would not realize that his body would be destroyed in the explosion when the airplane crashed and exploded.

  1. It has been reported that other hijackers had papers indicating they should be prepared for prison.

• Were other documents/items belonging to the hijackers found?
• Where were they found?
• To whom did they belong?
• Where are the documents/items now?

  1. “other major terrorist acts were revealed on Ramsey Youssef’s laptop computer, which was seized by Philippine authorities in January 1995”
    What information about planned terrorist acts were on Youssef’s computer?
  2. Were any of the hijackers “deadheading” in the jumpseat?

On September 19, 2001, The New York Times reported that the FBI believed there were six hijacking teams on 9/11. Knives were found on several flights of grounded planes. What conclusions have been drawn about whether or not there were additional hijacking teams onboard flights on September 11th other that those seized by the terrorists? Please provide details.

  1. Have any airport/airline personnel (security screeners, cleaning crew, etc) been implicated in assisting the hijackers? If so, where and in what way?
  2. “There may have been an attempt to hijack United Airlines Flight 23 flying from Boston to Los Angeles around 9:00 a.m. Three Middle Eastern men angrily refused to get off the plane when it was canceled, then escaped security.”
    Please explain how these men were able to escape security. Hadn’t the crew and airport security been alerted that there had been multiple deadly hijackings earlier that morning?
  3. Which of the hijackers were caught on video at the boarding gate?
  4. Did the hijackers smuggle a gun on board some of the flights?
  5. In 2003, Paul Wolfowitz said that he suspected that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, the Oklahoma City attacks and the September 11th attacks.

• What conclusions has the FBI drawn regarding the possibility of a connection between Iraq and the terrorist attacks on the WTC ’93, on the Murrah Building in OKC and on September 11th? Please comment on the following information, which appears to show a connection between Ramzi Yousef and the Oklahoma City bombers.

• In the Oklahoma City bombing, reporter Jayna Davis interviewed witnesses who reported a Middle Eastern men speeding away from the Murrah building just before the Oklahoma City bombing. She also found credible witnesses who saw one of the Middle Eastern men in the company of Timothy McVeigh in the days before the bombing.

• Abdul Hakim Murrad, convicted of plotting to blow up airliners, allegedly told the FBI that his former roommate, Ramzi Yousef, had orchestrated the Oklahoma City bombings.

• Nichols attended a meeting in the early 1990s in the Mindanoa. Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Hakim Murad were also at that meeting.

• Terry Nichols’ phone records indicate that in 1995, he place 13 calls from his home phone to someone in the Philippines.

  1. Is there any evidence that Ramzi Yousef was an agent for Saddam Hussein?
  2. What was Yousef’s relationship with al Qaeda?
  3. “Aboard Flight 93, passenger Thomas Burnett told his wife, Deena, in a 9:27 a.m. cell-phone call: “The hijackers have already knifed a guy, one of them has a gun, and they are telling us there is a bomb on board.”
    Did anyone else on any flight report that the terrorists had a gun?
  4. Why isn’t America cooperating in the prosecution of terrorists worldwide, such as the German trial of Abdelghani Mzoudi?§ion=news