September 11 Inquiry: Questions to be Answered

September 11 Inquiry: Questions to be Answered
January, 2003


1. What are the names of the individuals and the financial institutions who placed “put” orders on American Airlines and United Airlines for the 3 weeks prior to 9/11?  Who has possession of these monies?


1. Who approved the posthumous visa requests of Atta and Al-shehhi?

2. Whose job was it to check on the validity of student visas? Specifically, Hani Hanjour entered this country on a student visa and never attended class. Who was responsible for this?

3. What countries did the terrorists enter this country from? Specifically, when, where, and how did they enter this country? What country of origin were the terrorists’ passports from? Under what names were their passports?

4. In 1996 Congress gave $800 million to the INS to upgrade its computer systems. To date, those systems remain antiquated. Where is this money? Whose responsibility was it to oversee that this was carried out?

5. Why was the CIPRIS (the Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students – created by Congress in 1996) system not used to track foreign students after it was recommended by the National Commission on Terrorism in 1998 and was so effective in trials?

6. Three hijackers obtained visas under an accelerated approval program, called Visa Express at travel agencies in Saudi Arabia. Visa Express had only been in place for three months before September 11, 2001. Saudi Arabia is the only country with known terrorist risks which had this accelerated approval. Who initiated this process and what was the reason given for instituting the program? Why were incomplete and erroneously filled out visa applications of the hijackers approved?


1.  A flight attendant on AA#11 notified her supervisor within the first few minutes of the plane being overtaken. What was the name of this supervisor? What exactly did he do with this information? Why was NORAD not immediately notified? What are the names of the individuals whose responsibility centers upon notifying NORAD in situations like this–on the local, regional, and national levels? Why was the protocol not followed?

2. Why were these four planes able to evade all radar ? Even when the transponders are disconnected, a plane is still able to be located by its “skin” on radar screens.

3. Was there a gun on AA#11? FAA executive summary stated that a gun was fired. This report was thereafter redacted. What is the truth?

4. Where did the information about box-cutters come from? How do we know that the terrorists were armed with these? Furthermore, why was the American public told after 9/11 that box-cutters were allowed on planes, when we have since come to find out that they were specifically listed as airline contraband?  Who is responsible for this disinformation?

5. Where are the “black boxes” and the transcripts from all four crash sites? Why has the FBI not invited the NTSB into the investigation?

6. Nine of the hijackers were selected for special security screenings, two for irregularities in identification documents, six for extra-scrutiny by a computer screening program and one because he was traveling with a questionable individual. What exactly were the irregularities in identification? Which two had these irregularities? What is the name of the individual who made the decision to let these two men board the planes? What was done during the course of the detainment of these two individuals? What questions were asked? Was anything confiscated? With regard to the remaining seven hijackers, what was the list of questions asked of them? Who interrogated them? Was anything confiscated? What is the name of the individual who permitted these men to board the planes? Where are the logs and records and incident reports from these detainments?

7. Why was Logan Airport not sanctioned for its repeated failure to meet FAA standards for airline security? If they were sanctioned, how much were they fined? Did they completely pay the fine? What is the name of the individual who was responsible for making sure that Logan Airport met its airport/airline security requirements?

8. Where are all transcripts from Air Traffic Control? Where are all logs and records from the FAA?

9. Why did three foreign owned airline security screening companies have their liability levels capped in the Homeland Security Bill? Who is responsible for this? What was the reasoning?

Port Authority/WTC/City of New York

1. WTC was not up to “code” with regard to their fireproofing. Whose responsibility was it to ensure that these buildings were built to “code”? What is the name of the individual who was responsible to ensure that all buildings were maintained?

2. Why were WTC emergency evacuation protocols not followed?

3. Why were the roof access doors locked?

4. Why were the sprinkler systems locked?

5. Why was there no roof-top evacuation?

6. What is the name of the individual who made the announcement in 2 WTC who told workers to return to their offices?

7. In light of the 1993 bombings, what additional security precautions were put into effect?

8. The Port Authority of NY/NJ owns and operates Newark International Airport. They also owned and operated the WTC. Please explain the failure of the Port Authority to coordinate and act on the information about the second plane heading for the South Tower when they had this information available to them by their own Air Traffic Control Center. They had eleven minutes of notice that the plane was bearing down on Tower Two and yet, they told people that the building was safe and secure.

9. Why won’t the Port Authority in concert with the City of NY release the 9/11 tapes?

10. What was the City of NY and the Port Authority told about these numerous warnings, which occurred over a period of years, and the dozens of warnings in the months preceding 9/11?

11. If they were told nothing about the warnings, why were they told nothing?  If they were told, why did the City of NY and the Port Authority do nothing?

12. Why was the World Trade Center steel removed so quickly, without being examined, from the scene of a mass murder? Who ordered the removal of the steel?

Secret Service

1. Why was President Bush not immediately evacuated from the Sarasota school, but rather was permitted to remain in the building after the second building was hit and this nation was under attack? Why was protocol not followed? Was President Bush deemed to be in the “zone of danger”? If so, at exactly, what time was he put in the “zone of danger”?

2. Where is the log and record of the Secret Service agents? Where is the incident report?


1. At precisely what time was NORAD notified of each plane being hijacked? What was their response? What is the name of the individual who determined from which bases the F-16s should be scrambled from? What are the names of the pilots of these f-16s?

2. Whose decision was it to not utilize the F-16s’ weapons?

3. Whose decision was it to not fly the F-16s at maximum speed?

4. Why didn’t the F-16s intercept the hijacked airliners?

5. Please draw up a chart of NORAD’s response to the Payne Stewart Lear jet incident vs. the 9/11 incident. Why was protocol not followed on 9/11? What is the name of the individual who did not follow protocol? Where are the transcripts from the F-16s? Where is the log and record from NORAD?

6. What satellites were orbiting North American airspace on 9/11? What exactly does the satellite imaging reveal? What companies own these satellites? Where are the records and logs for these orbits?


1. At a point in time when there was a “high level of chatter” why were the NSA warnings not translated on time? What information was contained in the warnings, specifically?

2. What agency obtained the photo of Atta at the ATM machine in rural Maine less than 48 hours after September 11th? Was Atta under surveillance? Where are the logs and records from the Boston FBI field office for the months June through September?

3. What degree of probable cause was Moussouai being held under when he was arrested in mid-August? What is the name of the individual who turned down the request for the search warrant? What is the name of the supervisor who was overseeing the Moussouai case? Where the transcripts from the original detainment hearing for Moussouai?

4. What is the name of the CIA operative who delivered Bin Laden to an American hospital in Dubai in July of 2001?

5. What is the name of the individual who decided to fly the Bin Laden family back to Saudi Arabia on the night of September 11th?

6. Please give a list of positive defensive postures that this country took on the morning of 9/11.

7. At exactly what time was the shadow government put in place?

8. Was the White House a target on 9/11?

9. At exactly what time was the White House evacuated? Who was in charge of this country on the morning of 9/11?

10. Please explain the United States’ position with regard to the UNOCAL pipeline in Afghanistan and the position of our troops in Afghanistan prior to 9/11.

11. The Hart Rudman Report was issued in 2001, many taxpayer dollars were spent.  What steps were taken, if any, to implement some of the changes put forward by that report?

12. “A briefing prepared for senior government officials at the beginning of July, 2001, contained the following language: Based on a review of all source reporting over the last five months, we believe that UBL (Usama bin Laden) will launch a significant attack against U.S. and/or Israeli interests in the coming weeks. The attack will be spectacular and designed to inflict mass casualties against U.S. facilities or interests. Attack preparations have been made. Attack will occur with little or no warning.” How did Bush and his team respond to this dramatic and accurate warning? What intelligence was this heads-up based upon?

13. What did the FBI tell the NYPD in their Joint Terrorism Task Force regarding the numerous warnings about NYC being a terrorist target and the possibility of NYC and the WTC being hit by planes?  What is the name of the FBI agent?

14. What interaction did our government have with the Taliban prior to September 11, 2001?

15. Prior to September 11, 2001, were warnings regarding the impending attacks received from agencies of foreign governments? When and from where were they sent? What was the nature of the warnings? What, if any, security precautions were taken as a result of the warnings?