Statement on the Appointment of Senator Bob Kerrey – Archive

Family Steering Committee Statement
on the Appointment of Senator Bob Kerrey

December 9, 2003

Based on a favorable outcome after the standard vetting for any potential conflicts of interest, the FSC welcomes Senator Bob Kerrey to the 9/11 Independent Commission. A conflict of interest would be defined as any pecuniary self-interest, monetary interest, or bias that would cloud a Commissioner’s ability to thoroughly investigate any and/or all aspects of 9/11.

We continue to expect the Commission, staff and now Senator Kerrey to aggressively seek the truth about 9/11. We maintain that the Commission and staff must follow the facts wherever they may lead with complete transparency in order to answer the many unresolved questions about 9/11. We are hopeful that this appointment to the Commission will serve to re-invigorate and re-focus the Commission to their task of investigating how intelligence and defense failures led to the murder of 3000 victims on the morning of 9/11.

Since the Commission’s deadline is rapidly approaching, we hope that Senator Kerrey will be expeditiously brought up to speed with the work of the Commission thus far. Time is of the essence as the nation waits to find out how and why the inconceivable was allowed to happen on the morning of 9/11.