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Statement on the Need for Consensus

November 19, 2004

There is an urgent need to reach consensus on the 9/11 bill before the 108th Congress adjourns. It’s now a matter of hours, not days. Progress continues even because conferees have been willing to modify their positions. Nevertheless, the negotiators must preserve those provisions which grant the NID the necessary authorities that will allow for the collection and analysis of accurate and timely intelligence. Only then will our nation be able to effectively combat those who threaten our safety.

We encourage the Senate conferees to remain firm on the core recommendations of the 9/11 commission which include:

 1. a strong National Intelligence Director with budgetary authority
 2. a strong, independent civil liberties board
 3. a National Counter-Terrorism Center
 4. a clearly articulated information sharing plan

Reps. Duncan Hunter and Jim Sensenbrenner must join the good-faith effort to reach agreement on this bill before it’s too late. The safety and security of our nation rests in their hands, and in the hands of the President. We who lost loved ones on September 11th know all too well the consequences of failing to understand who the enemy is and where they will strike next. This bill needs to be enacted now. We ask the President and the Conferees to join together to make that happen.