United States Strategic Command

March 18, 2004

Admiral Richard W. Mies, former Commander in Chief, United States Strategic Command

“The United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) is located at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. “USSTRATCOM is the command and control center for U.S. strategic forces and controls military space operations, computer network operations, information operations, strategic warning and intelligence assessments as well as global strategic planning. The command is responsible for both early warning of and defense against missile attack and long-range conventional attacks…”

On September 11th:

  1. Was USSTRATCOM notified of the any of the four hijackings? If so, by whom and at what time?
  2. Did USSTRATCOM at any time track the four hijacked planes?
  3. Does USSTRATCOM have a response protocol for attacks initiated within the continental United States? If so, was this protocol followed?
  4. Did USSTRATCOM have any communication with NORAD prior to, or during, the terrorist attacks?
  5. Prior to, or on, September 11th was anyone at USSTRATCOM advised, formally or informally, of the possibility of a terrorist attack within the United States?