Where is the President? The Country Needs a 9/11 Bill! – Archive

WASHINGTON, DC — The 9/11 Family Steering Committee released the following statement today, as the House-Senate conference over the 9/11 Commission bill has apparently stalled, and the White House has been silent on the issue for most of the week:

9/11 Family Steering Committee Asks,
“Where is the President?
The Country Needs a 9/11 Bill!”

October 22, 2004

Family members of 9/11 victims demand that the President immediately take time from his campaign to ensure that legislation critical to this nation’s safety is enacted.

The 9/11 reform bill – specifically, the Senate version, which has been endorsed by the 9/11 Commission – will never become law unless the President acts. The momentum for reform has been stopped in its tracks by a minority faction of Republican House members who oppose this bill. These obstructionists have engaged in back-room manuevering and have refused to schedule public hearings, in fear of having the American people witness their strong arm tactics. To add to our overall disillusionment, it appears that Speaker Hastert has no intention of keeping his promise to us that the House would not impede getting a bill to the President before Election Day.

So it is now up to President Bush. He must demonstrate that he deserves to be re-elected. We call upon him to get his House in order, and intercede with this maverick contingent of members of his own party who are impeding the process of making America safer. The American people entrusted the President with the responsibility to protect us and NOW is the time for him to show that he has earned that trust.